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In January of 2016 I walked away from the professional sport of cycling. I didn’t retire, I quit. But for all the right reasons, for the pursuit of love and happiness. Join me as I leave behind a career of blood, sweat, and gears and welcome in a future of embrace.


I was a professional cyclist for 11 years. I competed on 5 continents and helped my teams to numerous victories. However, results do not define my career. My loyalty to clean and fair play always took precedent. Receiving the 2014 Jack Kelly Fair Play Award from the US Olympic committee marked the pinnacle of my cycling career. The award recognizes my relentless pursuit to remain compassionate in a sport which is typically characterized by fierce competition.

I am using my expertise in cycling to engage in hosting community experiences and helping others build healthy relationships with the bike. I am active in promoting the sport through live commentating and working to create a viable and professional riders association.

The bike is now a balancing tool in my professional life where he I am active in the crossover space of the culinary and cycling worlds as well as use my educational background with the development of sensor based wearable technologies such as the ICEdot helmet crash sensor.

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Appetite Ride

There is no rule book written for transitions in life. No procedure to follow, no gps files to upload or power numbers to analyze, just you and the unknown. After months of trying to "figure it out" I realized we don't get to plan we just get to do. 

Knowing that aside from a decade as a professional cyclist, the bike has been and will always be a part of my ride through life. Gone are the days of measuring my rides in calculated metrics, my days on the bike consist more of counting the smiles and laughs had by all involved.

Thus, I created The Appetite Ride. A place where the journey doesn't have to be a struggle. A place where by joining forces we are able to ride, drink, laugh, and eat, to rekindle the fire of what drives us; the very thing we need to move forward, our appetite. 

A close friend of mine once told me, “the only thing we have to do in life is die, everything else is a choice.” Staying in cycling and chasing that feeling of hope was a conscious decision. As hard and masochistic as this sport can be the highs are unlike any other experience I have had, yet so are the lows.
It was ultimately the tumultuous path of a pro cyclist that left me craving a sense of what was beyond the handlebars.

Appetite Ride

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I am involved in several non-profit organizations.  Find out more about how I am involved below.

non-profit work

King Ridge Foundation & Levi's GranFondo

My relationship with Levi's Gran Fondo started in 2009, the inaugural year of the event. Taken out of racing in May that year after getting hit by a car, I needed something to focus on. I called up Levi and asked if he would include me and he didn't bat an eye.

I grew up in Northern California, over the hill from the start of the Fondo, in the Napa Valley. The roads around NorCal are magic. There's an energy in them you don't get anywhere else in the world. I did the Fondo that year, but it was more than an organized ride. It was a welcoming of people from all over the world to experience the magic of the roads. With the help of local volunteers and local beneficiaries it showed how a community can gather when it has a great cause.

In some capacity I stayed involved with the Fondo for the rest of my pro cycling career. It was always great way to round out the year and decompress from the stress and rigors of the road. There were always old friends and new welcoming us back home. But now, as I take the next steps in my life, away from pro cycling, I realize I can't let go of the parts of the bike that were truly genuine and served me well.

It brings me joy to announce I will be working with BikeMonkey and the King's Ridge Foundation this year to raise awareness to the event and the Foundation it benefits to work with national level at risk youth organizations. I will never forget my first visit to Forget Me Not Farm in 2009 and the positive impact it has on orphan and foster children. The farm teaches children how to care for and nurture animals and gardens and in turn helps teach the children compassion and gives them the skills needed to take on the future.

I'm part of the KRF team because if we can spread that same feeling across the country and give kids hope, teach them compassion and humility, and guide them in the pursuit of love and happiness, this world will be a better place.I look forward to connecting with you along the way as I detail my adventures with the KRF in my blog on Reach out and share your stories of why you support the Kings Ridge Foundation. When Levi gave me that opportunity to experience the Fondo and made me a part of the community it was something that has and will stay with me forever. Now, let's get out there and spread that same sense of joy all over the country.

National Interscholastic Cycling Association

In 2001 a rag tag group of kids got together from various high schools and we raced each other on our mountain bikes. Something we had all done in various races with a few of each other at a time, but never all at once. There we were, a scene that easily could resemble the "Sandlot" of cycling, writing history. We were the first group of high schoolers to form the NorCal High School League. Since then NICA has formed as the National branch of high school leagues across the country.

Over 10,000 kids on bikes in almost 20 states, NICA's goal is to be coast to coast by 2020. I was there in 2001 as one of those kids and I'm here to day to help put more kids on bikes in this country. Every kid deserves the freedom and sense of empowerment that comes from two wheels.

Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists

Towards the end of my professional cycling career I recognized there was a lack of representation in our sport. Together, along with a core group of motivated individuals, we formed the Association of N.American Pro Road Cyclists (ANAPRC). In November 2014 we became the first new organization accepted into the CPA, the current professional cycling association, in 12 years.

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Blog: Staying in cycling

August 2016

written by Lucas Euser

I never knew I was going to be a professional cyclist. It was never a dream or something I told my friends. Until, one day, it happened. I wasn’t chasing victories or glory or fame, I was chasing a feeling.

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Cyclists and Chefs Rekindle Passion in Appetite Ride

July 2016

written by Lucas Euser

In the cycling world, July is synonymous with one thing: The Tour de France. My name is Lucas Euser.  For the last 11 years, I’ve been a professional cyclist.  This year, I stepped away from racing my bike and started The Appetite Ride...

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ESPN: Cyclist taylor Phinney puts the pieces back together

June 2016

written by Bonnie D. Ford

Afternoon light floods the second floor of Taylor Phinney's airy condo, bathing the unfinished canvases leaning against the wall and the paint cans with colors frozen in mid-drip. Blocks of seafoam green, cobalt blue, periwinkle and rust interrupt white space punctuated by word strings -- scientific terms, free-form thoughts -- written in neat block letters. In the upper right-hand corner of one canvas are the bold-faced words Act II...

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VelowNews: Finding lucas euser

May 2016

written by Caley Fretz

The champagne pops of New Years Eve separated a decade of dedicated athleticism from the decades Lucas Euser hasn’t quite figured out yet...

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